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Tandem ECF SOROS The European Cultural Foundation invites video artists, producers and editors in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova to submit a proposal for the video documentation of its Tandem placement scheme. The project Tandem builds new and long-lasting collaborative relations between selected organisations from European Union countries and key cultural players from Ukraine and Moldova.

Tandem project and the commission
Tandem involves approximately 50 people visiting, learning and creating a “Tandem” with a partner from the EU on one side and Moldova or Ukraine on the other. Working up to the end of the scheme in May 2012, each tandem has the task to plan a collaborative project for the concluding festival in Moldova and Ukraine.

This is planned through working visits to partner organisations to offer participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the environment and cultural practice of organisations in the partner country and to also get an insight into the cultural scene of the tandem partner’s city, region and country and prepare for their collaborative project. The working visits will be complimented by joint workshops and evaluation meetings, creating an opportunity for exchange with other people, in addition to the tandems.

The video short-documentary would cover the evolution of the individuals starting on the scheme and their experience in developing new relations and creating a project together.

The entire process will be documented in an artistic video diary-style which will follow the Tandem participants through their intercultural encounters and experiences. It will give European viewers an inspiring understanding of cultural cooperation between the EU, Ukraine and Moldova. The production will be distributed as a DVD and digitally through various internet platforms, networks and TV stations etc.

The product should be in two versions:
– Version A – between 15-30 minutes;
– Version B – trailer for use online at approx 3 minutes.

The filming would need to start in September 2011.

Language – English.

The tender should contain at least a project summary, description of activities (i.e. ways of collecting video material), ideas for video script/story line, timeline (final production ready by June 2012) and a detailed budget. The project proposal should not exceed 3 pages, and include the resume of the video artist/producer/editor, examples of previous video work and a copy of the official registration of the applicant’s organisation.

Non-for-profit organisations registered in Ukraine or Moldova.

Deadline for tenders – 31 May 2011.

Jotham Sietsma, ECF Project Officer – Neighbourhood Programme (; +31-20-5733868)


About Tandem

Tandem aims to promote and underpin a ‘trans-nationalisation’ of present-day practice and discourse in Western and Eastern European arts and culture by creating new cooperation links between selected organisations from the EU and key cultural operators from Ukraine and Moldova.

The project has been developed by a consortium of three leading independent cultural organisations from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and two of the main civic players supporting artistic innovation and cultural development in Ukraine and Moldova. ECF (, MitOst ( ) and Culture Action Europe ( are long-standing key actors of European cultural cooperation and have pooled their expertise and widespread contacts in the cultural field on the occasion of developing this ground-breaking project. The Soros Foundation Moldova ( and the Centre for Cultural Management ( represent two of the single-most important organisations in the field of cultural development and international cooperation of artists from their respective countries.

In the proposed project 50 cultural organisations and managers from across the EU, Ukraine and Moldova will form 25 cultural cooperation ‘tandems’. Each Euro-Ukrainian/Moldovan tandem is in charge of programming parts of a multi-disciplinary ‘European Week of Arts & Culture’ concluding the project in Ukraine and Moldova in 2012. This European Week shall increase visibility of innovative artistic practice, common creative heritage and the benefits of European cooperation across Ukraine and Moldova. The strong working partnerships built by the project will form a new network of organisations, managers and artists afterwards.

General objectives of the project

  • To enhance awareness and understanding of creative values already shared across the EU, Ukraine and Moldova while simultaneously promoting innovation of artistic expressions through a combination of local experience on a trans-national level.
  • To mutually increase readiness, flexibility and capacities of cultural organisations in the EU, Ukraine and Moldova required for engaging in productive trans-national cooperation projects on pan-European level which ultimately result in new creative long-term partnerships on equal footing.
  • To break prevailing stereotypical images and negative/inaccurate socio-cultural labels associated with Ukraine, Moldova and the EU by encouraging engagement in real-life cooperation experiences (for professionals/artists) and through artistic production/performances (for a wider European public across Ukraine, Moldova and the EU).

Project schedule 2011-2012

  • Meeting of potential project participants during a study trip (Moldova, April 2011; Ukraine, May 2011)
  • Fourteen-day working visit of Moldovan and Ukrainian participants to the EU; at the start and end of their stay, all participants will attend joint meetings and workshops in Brussels (September 2011).
  • Ten-day working visit of participants from EU member countries to Moldova and Ukraine, with joint workshops marking the beginning and end of the stay to be held in Chisinau and Kyiv, respectively (February 2012).
  • Planning and preparation of the Tandems’ festival entries (June 2011 – April 2012)
  • Festivals organised in Moldova and Ukraine (May 2012)

Despre Ghenadie Sontu

Ghenadie Sontu is the Founder and President of ARS DOR Association, a center for art and professional development in Moldova, which focuses on the development and promotion of Moldova’s cultural sector. Currently Ghenadie is the Chairman of the Advisory Committee at Eastern Partnership Culture Programme funded by the European Union. He is a Fellow of DeVos Institute of Arts Management, at Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., USA, and the expert of the Republic of Moldova at the Compendium-Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe Programme of Council of Europe. Previously, he worked for the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova as the Deputy-Director at the Agency for Inspection and Restoration of Monuments. Additionally, Ghenadie serves as a consultant in the frames of the project “Troika Moldova” developed through the European Neighborhood Programme, Arts & Culture Programme of the Open Society Institute – Budapest, the Soros Foundation Moldova and European Cultural Foundation. He served as the President of the Youth Parliament of Moldova and launched the International Art Project Eurointegration through Art. He has received a fellowship for trainers in cultural policy. Ghenadie graduated from a three-year programme of the European Cultural Foundation and Soros Foundation entitled Consolidation of Cultural Sector of Moldova and holds degrees from the Academy of Fine Arts and the Laboratory of Philosophy, Anthropology, and Culturology of the Invisible College of Moldova.


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  • La décoration des œufs
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  • Le chêne de Gagarine
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  • Oleg Serebrian : « La Russie doit se joindre au chœur européen »
    Article de Gilles Ribardière L'actuel ambassadeur de la République de Moldavie à Berlin, en poste à Paris précédemment, Oleg Serebrian, vient de publier un ouvrage particulièrement opportun - « La Russie à la croisée des chemins. Géohistoire, géoculture, géopolitique ». En effet, il nous aide à comprendre la nature particulièrement complexe de la Russie […]
  • Une grande première artistique - des designers moldaves à la Biennale du design à Saint-Etienne
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  • Artă Decorativă COTROCENI 2012 - Luni, 10.6.2013 09:00
    Luni, 10.6.2013 09:00str. 31 August 1989, 115 Evenimentul are loc în cadrul unui parteneriat între instituţia gazdă şi Muzeul Naţional Cotroceni din Bucureşti şi se desfăşoară în perioada 25 aprilie – 10 iunie.
  • RECITAL DE PIAN - Vineri, 31.5.2013 18:00
    Vineri, 31.5.2013 18:00 Prima Doamnă a RM, Margareta Timofti, invită la un recital de pian cu Olga Kleiankina și expoziția de pictură a Valeriei Duca. În program: Debussy – „Reflexe în apă”, Ravel – „Ogli
  • SERATĂ JUBILIARĂ - Joi, 30.5.2013 18:00
    Joi, 30.5.2013 18:0081 Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare și Sfînt, Chişinău MD-2012 Cu ocazia aniversării de 70 de ani a pianistului și dirijorului Mihail Secichin, pianista Inna Hatipova, soprana Valentina Calestru, naritonul Petru Racoviță și tenorul Serghei Varsanov, acompaniați de pianistul Mihai Secichin o
  • Concertul profesorilor - Miercuri, 29.5.2013 18:00
    Miercuri, 29.5.2013 18:0081 Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare și Sfînt, Chişinău MD-2012 Catedra „Instrumente cu coarde” a Academiei de Muzică, Teatru și Arte Plastice prezintă Concertul profesorilor: Ion Josan, Zinaida Brânzilă, Naum  Hoș. Participă Orchestra Națională de Cameră, dirijor
  • Spectacolul "Storcătorul de fructe" - Marţi, 28.5.2013 18:00
    Marţi, 28.5.2013 18:0079 Ștefan cel Mare, Chisinau Spectacolul "Storcătorul de fructe" de Ilia Cilaki. Totul porneşte de la lipsa banilor, care duce la convieţuirea mai multor generaţii ale unei familii într-un singur apartament, aceştia suportându-se unii
  • Trupa Holograf - Joi, 23.5.2013 20:00
    Joi, 23.5.2013 20:00Str. A.Pușkin nr. 21, Chișinău Holograf este o trupă rock românească înființată în 1978. Holograf este printre cele mai de succes trupe din România, fiecare dintre albumele lor conținând câteva cântece care au ajuns hit-uri &ici
  • Filmul deținător al premiului Ursul de Aur, „Poziția copilului” - Duminică, 19.5.2013 19:00
    Duminică, 19.5.2013 19:00Str. Vasile Alecsandri 4 Festivalul Filmului European revine pe marile ecrane ale Chișinăului cu o premieră, filmul românesc „Poziția copilului”, distins cu prestigiosul premiu „Ursul de Aur”. Capul de afiş
  • Concert de lansare „Există Veriga, o chitară, un drum și muzica care vine să schimbe” - Joi, 16.5.2013 19:30
    Joi, 16.5.2013 19:30Grigorie Vieru 15  Oameni dragi, vă invităm la concertul nostru de lansare, unde vom cânta și vă vom cânta. În cadrul concertului va fi lansat conceptul, filosofia și misiunea trupei, single-ul „Liber” și videocli
  • Gheorghe Țopa "Dulcea mea povară" - Miercuri, 8.5.2013 19:00
    Miercuri, 8.5.2013 19:00Str. A.Pușkin nr. 21, Chișinău Gheorghe Țopa vă invită la concertul său jubiliar cu genericul ''Dulcea mea povară'' unde va interpreta piesele care l-au consacrat dar și cele lansate în ultima perioadă. Vor evolua: Ion Suruc
  • Ultima zi a expoziţiei plasticianului Dumitru BALICA - Marţi, 30.4.2013 16:00
    Marţi, 30.4.2013 16:00strada Sfatul Tarii 18 Dumitru BALICA este născut în anul 1978 la Horodişte (raionul Donduşeni). După ce şi-a urmat studiile la Facultatea de Arte plastice şi Design la Universitatea de Stat, îşi expune pentru prima oară operele în 2001.
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